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MOTD, A vanilla Minecraft Experience!
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 United States
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Registered by JpCuber109
Registered since Feb 06th, 2017
Last update Feb 06th, 2017
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FourEggs Prison
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About FourEggs: FourEggs was a semi popular minigames server until we decided to take a leap and convert it into a Prison server!
Here at FourEggs we have always stayed loyal to our players and really want them to enjoy their time. Also, we have the
best staff there is to offer! Do you ever have a question? And those pricky admins dont listen or care!? Well no worries
here because FourEggs we answer every question! We also provide a list of donator packages for purchase! We cant
continue FourEggs forever unless we get a little support! We have A-Z ranking then Prestiges 1 2 3 and 4. That is all ranks that we have currently but new ranks come every month 1/2. Meet the staff: Darthcow4: Darth is a man who loves playing. He cant get enough of video games and minecraft. He always has new ideas and great games for me and the admins to try out. Darth is outgoing with all of his gaming/plugin ideas. Dwogel12: Dwogel12 also known just as Dwog is a funny great personality guy. He provides help with a funny touch to it. Dwog is always willing to help make things and help out around the community. He also does very VERY good Japenese pronunciation so you might hear him on one of the livestreams. P.S. he likes anime *wink* FireDragon911111: A semi-admin who does not care much about the title of admin, Just the fun of playing prison with other players. He is one of our best builders and can build almost anything perfect center. Fire has a great personality and helps with anything asked for. SwatBoy12: Great friend of Dwogel12 and likes watching anime too. Swat always has ideas for new sections of the server. Swat comes on ever so often because of his crappy computer. He answers Questions and makes sure everyone is getting helped. He is funny and loves using slang terms such as Jaboodieboodie. Jpcuber109: Aka Jpcuber or Jp is the server owner. He configures plugins, tweaks them with his 2 year knowledge of coding, and tries to make every plugin unique. Jp is not just a server owner, he is a Game developer too. He develops games and puts them out to the public for free. He always tries to answer questions and help out when he can. Jp was the brains and the idea of this Unique prison idea. Thats about it for the server. If you want to join please! feel free to join at any time. If you are looking forward to being a staff then you must have been playing for more then 3 months. When Jp is on you may apply via interview. Thank you for reading!